The Yoga Room

By Tim Hauserman
The Tahoe Yoga Institute, upstairs above Uncorked and Ruffles and Ruffnecks in The Cobblestone has transformed into The Yoga Room under the ownership of Jenna Minnes. 
Jenna has been a vibrant part of the Tahoe City community for 14 years. She began her life at Tahoe after completing massage therapy training in Ithaca, New York. Since she arrived, she has been a loved massage therapist and bodyworker in the community. With the physical challenges of massage and her outdoor lifestyle including climbing, mountain biking, running and skiing, she gravitated to yoga to relieve the sore muscles that Tahoe athletes get, and allow her to keep the massages coming. A few years ago she decided she wanted to teach yoga as well so she trained at YogaWorks with Nikki Estrada. Check out her fun and invigorating classes. 
Jenna says, “I am super excited to keep the Tahoe City Yoga community going. After teaching and practicing around the lake and in Truckee, the space and the students in the Cobblestone has always felt very special. I am the proud, passionate and inspired owner, manager and teacher of  a dream come true!”
The Yoga Room is keeping many of the same teachers as were there with the Tahoe Yoga Institute including Debra Lapkin, Lynne Gardner, Tracy Desens, Lisa Massaer, and Jenna. New instructors arriving soon include Tammy Graham, Jamie Ebert and several others. 
She is also planning workshops and events, as well as a dance party or two to give folks in the yoga community something fun and inspiring to do. Upcoming events include:
“Find the root-Discover the source” Unraveling pain, misalignment and unproductive movement patterning in asana, sport and life with Lynne Gardner. January 30th, 5-7:30 pm
“Moon cycle madness to Mukti-Learn to ride the season of your monthly cycle with confidence and grace. Empower your deeper wisdom by connecting with the moon and transforming PMS symptoms into the wisdom  of the Divine Feminine.” with Kali Cathie, March 7 from 1-3:30 pm.
There is a $30 for 30 day special happening right now. Go to for a schedule of classes, information or to sign up for workshops.