Tipsy Gypsy and Pineapple

By Tim Hauserman
Two exciting new additions have joined The Cobblestone family:  Pineapple and The Tipsy Gypsy 
This new gift, accessory and vintage find store is the brainchild of Tammy Werntz, who was raised in New England. She is bringing some of the great antiques and gifts from that historic area to Tahoe. Right now you will find the New England sensibility in the vintage metal carriers, wooden candle holders and beautiful spindle bed, but Tammy is always looking for good finds, so keep checking back to see what she has come up with next.  Pineapple also includes a variety of hostess gifts such as tea and honey, candles and soaps, Hot chocolate on a stick, jewelry and a beautiful line of water bottles from S’well including one made with fine wood. 
Why the name Pineapple? It has nothing to do with the Pineapple Express that brings warm and wet storms to Tahoe. In New England, the Pineapple represents hospitality. According to the legend a ships captain upon returning from a trip through the tropics would place a pineapple on a post in front of his house. This would make the community aware that he had safely returned, and that he was now ready to entertain visitors with food, drink and stories of his adventures.  
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Tipsy Gypsy
Located where Trunk Show used to be, Tipsy Gypsy was recently opened by Brittnee Bramy and Amber Kramer. The young women were both raised in North Tahoe, and their goal is to provide “a fun and affordable women’s boutique for all of the free spirits of North Tahoe.” The focus is on Bohemian clothing and accessories.You will find sweaters and flannel shirts, pants and hats, purses and boots. And a recent addition, underwear. They carry a variety of lines including local ones like Naytures Empire Belts and Casey Wold Jewelry. They are loaded with excitement for their new venture. Amber says the clothing will appeal to a wide range of girls and women from middle school age into their 60s.  
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