Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema: Catch a movie!

By Tim Hauserman
If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see a movie at the Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema, I highly recommend it. I attended my first show last night and quickly discovered, this is not your average big chain movie theater. First, the atmosphere in the lobby is more of a party/hang out with friends vibe, then the stoic atmosphere you usually find at the cinema. This is probably because the lobby is intimate and cheery, and they serve an interesting collection of food and beer.  Once you enter the theater, you can sit yourself down in one of the comfy lounge chairs in the mini balcony, or gently rock away in the equally cozy chairs in the main sitting area. There are fewer seats then the old Cobblestone Cinema, which makes the atmosphere intimate and friendly, and the screen and sound are excellent. 
Last night, I watched Minds in the Water, a documentary about Australian surfers trying to save whales and dolphins. The place was packed with locals, who were all very excited to be a part of Tahoe City’s new art theater, and to have something fun to do on a weekday in the off-season. 
Before the show, instead of watching previews of a dozen other movies, owner Stephen Siig made an announcement thanking the community for being there and hoping that we enjoyed the show. While we were there to watch a movie, it had the personality and friendliness of a small town theater.  Which makes sense, because it has a stage and will be a venue for dance productions and other live performances. 
Upcoming shows include The Last Weekend, which will be presented this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was filmed at the West Shore estate of the Dolby Family, and Lake Tahoe will of course be the true star of the show. To keep tabs on the latest shows and performances go to tahoearthauscinema.com, and be sure to sign up on Facebook for regular notifications of what is happening. See you there!