Lather & Fizz

Handmade Bath and Body Products

Follow your nose to the best smelling shop in Tahoe!

Lather & Fizz Bath Boutique is a unique bath and body shop offering fresh handmade soap, cupcake bubble bath, fizzy bath cupcakes, bath bombs, soy candles, sugar scrubs, body lotion & facial creams. Why not treat yourself to a warm, relaxing bath tonight? Our Island Fever Bubble Bath is scented with a tropical blend of creamy vanilla & sweet coconut fragrance oils. Our bubble baths create lots of fluffy bubbles in your tub. Is your skin craving some super duper moisturizing? Try soaking with a Luscious Lavender Buttercup! No need to apply body lotion after soaking with a buttercup. Give the one you love a rub down with one of our unique cocoa butter based Massage Bars. Simply rub the bar on warm, dry skin and watch the bar slowly begin to melt. Slowly massage the oil into skin. Oooooo la la!

Come experience Lather & Fizz and GET FRESH with us.


475 N Lake Blvd
96145 Tahoe City, CA
United States
Phone: 530-583-9900


June - Sept: 10am - 6pm, Oct - May: 11am - 5pm