Going to the Home Country

By Tim Hauserman
It’s easy when you live in a place as beautiful as Tahoe to find yourself perfectly content spending your time at the lake. For me that means mountain biking in Burton Creek State Park, road biking to the top of Blackwood Pass, hiking on the Tahoe Rim Trail, or heading out on a kayak from The Commons Beach. That is, until winter when it is all about cross-country skiing. Tahoe is an incredible place to live, and those of us who have set down roots here, thank our lucky stars every day.
On the other hand, it’s good once in awhile, to escape our comfort zone, and delve into other cultures (and while Reno is certainly another culture, I was thinking of something even more exotic). With that aim in mind, I recently returned from a trip to Poland, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Krakow, Poland is an amazing city of ancient churches and a new devotion to free enterprise. Budapest is a free wheeling metropolis joyous to have escaped from a twentieth century that between WWII and Communism sucked all around, and they might just have the worlds largest hot tub.  But it was in Bavaria, that I found the ancient buildings along narrow streets that reminded me of home, or more specifically, the Cobblestone. While I didn’t see any replica’s of the Cobblestone, (since many of their buildings had been there for thousands of years, I'm thinking the Tahoe version would be the replica) I did see how a trip to Europe in the 1960s gave my parents the idea for The Cobblestone.  There were many buildings with light colored stucco walls, set off by dark brown trim, and paintings and murals similar to what you find on the Cobblestone's Tyrol Haus and Cobblestone East were quite common.  And while every town was dominated by at least one enormous church, there was also a town hall with a clock tower sitting at the edge of a central square. These great open spaces were not only a gathering place and a focus for daily life, but the place where community events from Christmas fares to farmers markets are held. Just like The Cobblestone’s Oktoberfest and Cobblestone Nordic Relay. So here in Tahoe, we have a bit of old Europe with it’s own Tahoe flair.