Dan Hauserman Sr. 1924-2014

The Cobblestone: His dream come true.
At first glance, The Cobblestone might appear to be a number of connected buildings holding a variety of small businesses. Or perhaps you envision it as a commercial shopping center with a European theme centered around a clock tower. In reality, it is the place of dreams.
For my Dad, Dan Hauserman, Sr, who recently passed away just shy of his 90th birthday, and Mom, Joan Hauserman, the construction of The Cobblestone was the answer to their dreams. In the early 1960s, they moved to Tahoe.  They were trying to figure out what to do with their lives when they drove by a For Sale sign in the middle of Tahoe City at the Lake Chalet Motel. They had never run a motel, and really didn’t have any great desire to do so, but they could see the value of this prime commercial real estate. Mom was a shopper and she thought what Tahoe City really needed was shopping. They didn’t really ask whether this sleepy little town could support such a venture. They had faith in their dream and each other and somehow they believed it would work out.
Mom was the idea person. Dad’s job was to figure out how to make it work. Somehow between 1964 and 1974 they slowly, building by building, put together what would become the Cobblestone we see today. It was their dream to create a great little place to shop in Tahoe City, and they did.
Last year, after my Dad fell and broke his ankle he began a downhill decline in health that led to their move into an assisted living center near Jackson, CA. They were tucked into a small apartment with room for just a few pieces of art on the wall. But they did find room to prominently display an article written about the Cobblestone in Moonshine Ink. They enjoyed being reminded what they had done.
Now, through hard work, the right products or services, and a willingness to adapt, the small Mom and Pop businesses that have staked a claim to a bit of The Cobblestone can have their dreams come true as well.