Changing of the Big Clock

By Tim Hauserman
It happens every year…actually twice a year: The changing of the clocks. When we adjust from standard time to daylight savings time in the spring, and then do the whole thing in reverse in the fall.
If you think changing a few clocks around the house is a hassle, consider the challenge when that clock is about 30 feet off the ground?  Actually, I remember from my now ancient Cobblestone maintenance days, it was actually fun to climb up into the tower, flip the switch, and make time go faster. Of course the challenge was that you can’t see the clock very well from inside, so you need a partner down below who keeps their eyes on the clock and yells. “Now! Stop!” If your assistant is momentarily distracted, that big old minute hand can go roaring past it’s mark. Then you have to stop time until it once again catches up to your clock.
Ok, but enough about the glories of the Cobblestone Clocktower.  That’s just an excuse to spout off my feelings about this whole Daylight Savings Time debacle. You can call it whatever you want, but there is no such thing as Daylight Savings Time. Instead it’s Stealing from the Morning and Giving to the Afternoon Time. Every year as Daylight Savings Time approaches the media and government officials spout off about how this will give people an extra hour of daylight. Balderdash. There is no extra hour. It’s just an act of robbery. Taking an hour of beautiful early morning sunshine from the early riser and giving it to those who sleep past the sunrise and prefer to take their sun in the afternoon.
Some even try to say Daylight Savings Time saves energy because lights are on less every day. Double Balderdash. One fine spring day the kids are getting up for school with the sun and a few days later, all the lights in the house are flipped on for an hour as everybody stumbles around bleary eyed before driving off to school in the dark. I say we follow the example of Arizona and Hawaii, and skip the whole time change thing. Let’s just follow the sun.