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The Yoga Room

By Tim Hauserman
The Tahoe Yoga Institute, upstairs above Uncorked and Ruffles and Ruffnecks in The Cobblestone has transformed into The Yoga Room under the ownership of Jenna Minnes. 

Halloween 2014! A good time was had by all.

By Tim Hauserman
Another Halloween is in the books, and apparently The Cobblestone was the place to be last night. First and foremost,  it was just a blast to watch the massive throng of children dressed in an incredible variety of interesting and imaginative outfits making their way from shop to shop around the center. And some of the parents were looking pretty dang cool as well.  The ghosts and Elsa’s were having a ball and I’m sure they brought home gobs of the sweet stuff. 

Halloween at The Cobblestone

By Tim Hauserman
Fun things are happening at The Cobblestone on Halloween Night. Here are just five of them: 
First, downtown Tahoe City is the place to be for Trick or Treaters. Businesses throughout town will be putting out the candy and putting up the decorations between 4 and 6 pm. Your little cookie monsters have a great opportunity to accumulate a massive stash of the sweet stuff in just a few blocks.  Begin at Heritage Plaza to pick up candy bags and glow in the dark necklaces then come on down to The Cobblestone. 

Summer’s not over yet!

By Tim Hauserman
While in a few locations the kids have gone back to school already, what’s the hurry? There are still plenty of summer activities happening around Tahoe in the next few weeks. Here are a few suggestions: 
Travel around the North shore via the Water Shuttle. They dock at Garwoods, the Tahoe City Marina, West Shore Cafe and Obexer’s and have room on board for your bike.

Busy July

By Tim Hauserman
Fourth of July is past us, so of course the rest of the summer will be all about warm and lazy days with nothing to do. Poor locals and Tahoe visitors, all we have to do in Tahoe City is:
Wednesday night movie nights on the Commons Beach
Thursday Farmers Market
Sunday Concerts on the Beach
Tahoe Gal Cruises
Water Shuttles between Carnelian Bay and Homewood
Lake Tahoe Music Festivals 
First Fridays
Gatekeepers Concerts at the Park
Sunset kayak tours
Art Tours
Historic Walking Tours

Trunk show 1st Anniversary Party

By Tim Hauserman
When you first enter Trunk Show in The Cobblestone you notice the interesting and eclectic mix of art. It's produced from the hands and imagination of local artists, so you could say it is the product of life in the mountains. But what really captures your attention is Jaclyn Woznicki, the energetic and spunky lady who owns the place. It’s her passion and enthusiasm that has gathered together the art we see and enjoy.  And she also expresses that passion in her efforts to make The Cobblestone and Tahoe City a vibrant place to be. 

Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema

By Tim Hauserman
If you are strolling through The Cobblestone, you may soon hear the wonderful sound of a remodel in progress as the former Cobblestone Cinema is in the process of becoming the Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema.  They will feature movies (both commercial and independent), ballet performances from the Tahoe Youth Ballet, and live music. In addition to movie fare like popcorn and candy (popcorn available with different spices), there will be baked goods and other finger foods, and a bar with beer and wine.